Saturday, 19 January 2013

After i did my short presentation for the lines on papers, we were asked to choose our friends work and rearrange it in a way that we think it should have been. So i choose my friend Iftikar's work, that looked  something like this

Basically what i really like about ifti's work is the way he drew it, but i think it would have look even better with a different way of displaying it. So i rearranged it, and this is how it looks

I personally think that these lines looked better this way. I purposely arrange it this way to make it look like a person's face and to give it the illusion as if all the lines are combined into one or somehow the lines connect with one another. Since the image that ifti had chosen was a picture of a guy, that is one of the factor that made me want to arrange the lines this way. 

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