Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Geometric shape

Graphic Design 1 - week 2

Alright so this week's task is about simple geometric shape. We had to draw 3 sets of different geometric shape which are circle, square and triangle. Based on those shape we need to create anything that comes up to our mind. We have to be creative and think outside of the box. So this is what i came up with.




Personally, my fave is the circle one but i also like the guitar. I tried to combine all this given shape and create something out of it and these are what that pops up on my mind. Next, we were told to choose 3 of our friends work or our own and give reasons why do we like that certain image. The 3 shapes that i have decided to choose are

The first one is by Ifti, I chose this particular image because i like the fact that this image looks like it has movement. It's not just static, it comes to life with the effect of as if the ball is bouncing from one point to the other. Although from a circle he just made it into a ball but it still attracts my attention.It's a simple drawing with a little bit of life injected to it. Plus, i also like the way ifti made the lines a little bit bold, to show the strength of the bouncing ball. Besides, i always like to try to incorporate life and movement in my drawings, sketches or ideas. 

For this one done by me , I especially like the guitar because it really shows that i experimented on the triangle shape itself. I thought hard and long about what i can do with a triangle shape. I asked my friends for some ideas, then i finally got it. I simply colored the guitar with various option of colors because i wanted the guitar to look interesting, funky and fun. I don't want it to be just another boring guitar. I tried to focus on the details of this guitar. For example like the strings and stuff.

This last one is a drawing of mine as well. i choose  this image because i like the way this whole thing flows. From one circle to another. I also wanted to put in some maori designs on the panda's face. So that's why i did all the spirals and pointy curves on the face. If you notice, I used a lot of black because i wanted to highlight the strength of the image. Initially i wanted it to be all black but then i think it's better if i put some color in it.

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