Saturday, 19 January 2013

Lines on papers

The lines that i drew based on the elements from the image looks like this

There are 2 parts in the image. The top one is my first attempt, the lower one is my second attempt. For me i prefer the top one, because i love the way it just flows from one line to the other and how it connects but at the same time it still sends the message that i want people to know. Furthermore, each line somehow represents me. For example, the eyes represents how intense and sharp i can be at times. I also look at stuff or matter in a different way or a twisted way. Next, the red line on the top left represents a part of me who is bold and colorful. That's why i drew it in red marker and i enhance the lines by duplicating it making it bigger and bigger. Moving on, the black line in the middle on top of the eye, shows that i like to make a statement. That line was actually inspired by the accessory on the girl's forehead in the image that i have chosen. As you can see, i drew that using a black bold marker just to lighten and focus more on the statement that i like to make. When ever i do something i always want to make sure that it's firm and solid. I'll try my best to do it. Moreover, the red twisted line on the top right represents the complex maori tattoo/make up on the face of the girl. That part displayed the complicated person i am inside. I may look simple and all that, but i can be super complicated and jumble up sometimes. During this process i got to learn more about myself and ways to express myself :)

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