Thursday, 21 February 2013

Analysis - week 7

My Installation art's analysis


Artist                : Nabilah Es'aedi

Tittle                 : “Terrestrial Sphere”

Date                  : February 2013

Size                   : 251cm x 122cm x 61cm

Medium            : wood, aluminum can, plastic bottles,
                          Newspaper, string, poster color, stones,
                          Aluminum can lid, cane, glue, double
                          Sided tape.

In my installation art, there are a few basic elements of design which are line, color, texture, space, shape and form. Starting with the line element, there are lines in almost every items that I used for the installation art, such as the curved line on the aluminum can and cane, broken line on the branches, thin line on the wood plank and vertical line on the color pencil. Next, colors are also included for this artwork, especially on the plank of wood that has been cut into a shape of a pencil and at the tip of it is colored using warm and cool poster color. Added, there are Moving on, there are natural textures on the wood, cane, and stones. There are rough texture on the branches, smooth texture on the plastic bottle and aluminum can lid, and fragile texture on the dry leaves. Talking about the spaces between each part of the whole installation showed a great depth of field. Furthermore, the element of shape can be seen on the whole outlook of the installation, as in the silhouette of the artwork. Last but not least, the form element can be seen from the whole look of the installation. It is a three dimensional installation and the concept is organic.


In terms of the composition of this installation art, it is imbalance since the items used on the left and right hand side are not the same. Although the overall look is not balance but it is stable and solid.


There is definitely contrast in this artwork. For example there’s contrast between the lighter and darker wood that I used for the installation. That is to create a focus point.


Repetition of shapes and lines exists in this artwork. There’s repetition of lines that can be seen on the little branches and aluminum can, plus shapes of the flat wooden pencil are also repeated.

Movement and Rhythm

Arranged lines can be seen from the hanging fishing line. The fishing line was hung from the ceiling, that will create movement when the wind blows through it. Moreover, textures on the wood and aluminum can is visible to the eye of the viewer. The kind of rhythm for this artwork is random and flowing.


Through this installation, what I want the viewer to see is me. I want them to know and feel as if they already know me when they look at my installation. The artwork describes me in a way. Each and every part of this installation tells something about me.


I think that this is a successful work of art because it describes me well and it tells the viewers what they need to know about me. I would want to live with this piece because it is very dear to me since it is a piece of artwork about me.

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