Thursday, 21 February 2013

Exhibition's Analysis


Artist                 : Claire Morgan

Tittle                 : Downtime

Date                 : 2010

Size                 : 1.5m (w) x 1.5m (d) x height variable

Medium           : strawberries, taxidermy crow, fishing hooks and

To begin with, there are five elements in Claire Morgan’s installation art which are, line, form, color, texture and space. The line element is visible from the tilted plank of hanging strawberries. There are vertical thin line from the fishing line and diagonal line from the strawberries. Next, form can be seen from the overall look of the artwork. It is three dimensional and it is in a shape of a square. Color is one of the main element here, the lighter shades  of the strawberries are the top part which is the strawberry leaf and the darker shades are at the bottom of the strawberries. There’s a contrast going on there. Moving on, the texture from the strawberries surface and the fur from the crow are obvious. The bird’s fur has a smooth, furry and silky texture while the surface of the strawberries are a little bit rough and furry. The last element is space. The area within the bird falling through the strawberries and hit the floor creates a perspective and negative space.


The composition of this artwork is imbalance. The strawberries are tilted more to the front and right side. Putting that aside, this installation art is very stable indeed.


The contrast can be seen from the strawberries itself. The upper part has lighter tone and shades because it is directly facing the light and the lower part has a darker tone and shades.


Shapes and lines can be seen from the curved line of the strawberry fruit and the shape can be seen from the strawberries and the bird. The crow has an organic shape while the strawberries has a cone and organic shape.


The repetition of the strawberries creates an emphasized effect. The placement and the contrast of the fruit creates a focal point.


Furthermore, the strawberries are arranged symmetrically and it creates and equality of weight.


The number of strawberries are more than the object.


Harmony is definitely involved in this artwork. The arrangement of the strawberries give the viewer the feeling that all the parts of the piece forms a coherent whole.

Movement and Rhythm

The type of movement and rhythm that can be seen from this installation is flowing and progressive. The way the fruits and the crow are organized lead the eye to a focus point.


For me I think that the artist is trying to tell a story through her artwork. The story are probably about a bird that falls through the plane of strawberries dramatically and died.


I think that this work of art is successful because when I look at it, I can feel it. I can feel the rush and sadness at the same time. The fact that the crow fell and hurt itself that brings the sadness in me.


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