Monday, 4 February 2013

Toilet sign - week 2

we were put in groups and were ask to create our own toilet sign and our group member ifti came up with this sign first  as a concept sample


This sign was created using, cardboard and aluminium foil.

Based on the concept the final signs that we came up with for the women's toilet is this

We used the ribbon to symbolize women, and it was slanted because if it was just straight it would be boring. This was also pasted on the wall beside the toilet door, instead of on the door to make it always visible for people to see because sometimes the toilet door might be open so you can't see the toilet sign. Plus, the color red was used to show the feminine woman side.

Men's toilet sign

Tie was used to symbolize man. A stately neck is manhood's manliest part. Blue color were used to show that it's a men's toilet. I know that it's cliche to think that blue is for guys and red or pink is for girls, but we decided to use those colors because it is commonly known that way. Fortunately, thanks a lot to our classmate our signs were chosen and our artwork was pasted on the AAVA's toilet.

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